Welcome to a landscape of voices!

Two projects, so many dots to connect!

When internacional projects come together, the opportunities for meaningful conversations are endless. “Having a Voice” gathers partners and guests from Stronger Peripheries: a Southern Coalition and BeSpectACTive!, two european projects focused in participatory practices, artistic new challenges and capacity building in the arts. Discover their path!

Keynotes are opportunities to rethink what we know

The program is juicy: mix fresh approaches on peripheries, take a pinch of new visions on participation and add incredible voices from non-central latitudes. Lisbon is welcoming Márcia Tiburi, Attaher Maïga, Gerty Dambury, Hugo Cruz and so many other great professionals!

Free and meaningful: join us in Lisbon!

Amazing speakers and extraordinary projects, all for free in one occasion! Please register previously to attend. If you decide later on, it’s also possible to show up and register on site. We’re waiting for you!

Discover the speakers!

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