1 October, 2019


WEDNESDAY 16 NOV at 20:00

Lisbon – Biblioteca de Marvila

Performance by Inês Jacques
Stronger Peripheries coproduction, Tandem “Connecting Dots” (Artemrede/ Moita Municipality + Occitanie en Scène/ Théâtre+Cinéma – Scène Nationale Grand Narbonne)

Free admission. Bookings to:

Tickets can be collected at the Library from 1h before the performance.


If we had the opportunity to assemble a new world, with the care of someone who cooks a new recipe for the first time and wants it to come out as good as possible, what would it be like?
This was the first question debated with two groups from two communities: one in Moita (Portugal), the other in Narbonne (France). Together, we imagined how this world would be organised, what its language, its shape, its colours, its costumes, its movement, its song, its name, its flag would be like. A world that could be realised, created with the contribution of the individual universe of each participant.

We have analyzed many existing proposals, from the fictional to the implemented, the most distant and the closest to the actual reality, the most elaborate and the simplest and, among all of them, there are common traits. They all end up failing in their time of existence or in their purpose. At best, one keeps writing, debating, and trying to come up with an idea of how to live better. And that is good. But we dwell in the same question: is a better world possible?

We have a thousand answers because we are also a thousand, and so we don’t know the right answer. We know that all these proposals for better worlds have happiness as their last stronghold. Is happiness really such a precious good to be sold in such abundance? What if we just decided to be happy from this precise moment on? Then let us be happy. Without compromise. HappyMerryJoyYay! starts from this decision and from an extrapolation of possibilities with the freest possible common sense.


Artistic Direction and Choreography: Inês Jacques
Performance and Co-creation: Bruno Alves, Yana Suslovets and participants from the communities of Moita – Cátia Jacinto, Germano Nobre, and Luísa Mucauro – and from Narbonne – Adeline Pengam, Axel Mur, and Nicole Barthe
Music: Miguel Fonseca
Text: collective co-creation between Inês Jacques and participants from Moita and Narbonne communities
Set and Costumes: Carlos Guerreiro, Inês Jacques, and Cíntia Mateus da Silva (Moita participant)
Make-up: Samira Plas
Light design and Technical direction: Paulo Santos
Production: zut!
Co-production: ARTEMREDE (PT) in partnership with Moita Municipality and OCCITANIE EN SCÈNE (FR) in partnership with Théâtre + Cinema – Scène nationale
Grand Narbonne, in the scope of Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition, project co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


Acknowledgments: Antónia Silva, Arianna Jacinto, Cátia Jacinto, Cíntia Mateus da Silva, Erica Rebelo, Fábio Sambu, Geremias Uatna, Germano Nobre, Iara Anuar, Idalécia Lisboa, Inês Santos, Jacinta Casinha, José Brito, Lia Silva, Luísa Mucauro, Lisandra Rey, Magali Bonaparte, Maria Cruz, Maria de Fátima Martins, Maria Eduarda Lima, Martin Gusmão, Mónica Fortes, Rafael Raposo, Sofia Mestre, Tiago Almeida dos Santos (Moita) and Nicole Barthe, Christian Blaise, Claire Brieu, Antoine Cauchy, Cherazad Cavagnol , Nicolas Darzack, Arnaud Defrocourt, Catherine Guesdon, Adeline Hocdet, Anthony Loehr, Gisèle Marcastel, François-Xavier Marot Babillee, Amparine Moral, Axel Mur, Sarah Oukass, Lisa Papillon, Adeline Pengam, Samira Plas, Elisabeth Platt, Elisabeth Sanchez, Alexia Sotomayor, Rokaia Toubale (Narbonne)
Special thanks to: Alegria Gomes, Bruno Ramos, and Eduardo Rodrigues


Age rating: >6 (recommended)


Duration: 1hour

Performance in Portuguese with English subtitles

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