1 October, 2019

set the table (BeSpectACTive!)

THURSDAY 17 NOV at 16:35

MOITA fórum cultural – auditório

Documentary by Rita M. Pestana after a performance by Cristina Carvalhal and Raquel André (PT). Screening hosted by Cláudia Hortêncio.

Documentary on the creative process of the project and performance “Set the Table”, by Cristina Carvalhal and Raquel André, developed in the scope of “BeSpectACTive!” and co-produced by Artemrede / Lisbon Municipality, BUDA (Kortrijk, Belgium), Domino (Zagreb, Croatia) and Radu Stanca National Theater (Sibiu, Romania).

Setting the table, building the table, to be the table-landscape of an encounter. Each part of this table is a piece of a puzzle with centuries of untold stories, of words to be named: hunger, home, meeting, work, intimacy, power, future, and so many others. How many stories are stored in the precise way a body organizes itself, or is organized, to eat?
A table is an organic body. A mutant piece of furniture. A UFO on the living room carpet.

Duration: 80 min

Language: Portuguese (& others) with English subtitles

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