Américo Rodrigues

Master in Speech and Hearing Sciences (Direção-Geral das Artes)


About Américo Rodrigues

Master in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Aveiro and a graduate in Portuguese Language and Culture from the University of Beira Interior.
Born in the city of Guarda, where he worked as an animator and cultural programmer at the Casa de Cultura da Juventude da Guarda/FAOJ (1979-1989) and at the Câmara Municipal da Guarda (1989-2005). He was the Director of the Municipal Theater of Guarda (2005-2013) and Coordinator of the Eduardo Lourenço Municipal Library (2015-2018). He was one of the founders of the collective Aquilo Teatro, of the Luzlinar Association, and of Calafrio, Associação Cultural / Teatro do CalaFrio. He coordinated the poetry notebooks Aquilo (1982-1997) and was co-director of the magazine Boca de Inêndio (2004-2006), among other publications.
Actor and director of several theatrical works presented in several countries.
Creator of sound poetry/sound poetry, with several published works.
He directed festivals such as “Ó da Guarda, new music festival”, “Correntes de ar”, Next act: Guarda Internacional Theater Festival, “Dizsonante”, “jazz in the heights”, “Ovni: objects and animated forms”, etc.
Author of several plays, poetry, chronicles, essays, and literature for children.
He has been Director-General for the Arts since 2019, having coordinated the working groups to review the model of support for the arts, the regulation of the Portuguese theaters and cinematheatres network (RTCP), and the implementation of the Portuguese network of contemporary art (RPAC), among others.
In 2011 he received the medal of cultural merit awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Portugal.


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