André Amálio

Theatre director and actor (Hotel Europa Company)


About André Amálio

Theatre director and actor that has developed his work in the area of documentary theatre, memory, postcolonialism and the recent Portuguese colonial past. André holds a Ph.D. from Roehampton University and a MA from Goldsmiths, University of London. His research was supported by Gulbenkian Foundation, GDA, and Rush. He lectured theatre directing and documentary theatre in HAMU (Prague), ESAD (Portugal) and in Universidade do Minho (Portugal). Has worked as an actor/performer/dancer under directors like Anna Furse, Giacomo Scalisi, João Brites, Lúcia Sigalho, Luís Castro, Madalena Vitorino, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, amongst others. Together with Tereza Havlíčková they co-founded the theatre company Hotel Europa.

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