António Brito Guterres

Community activist and researcher


About António Brito Guterres


Lisbon (1978). Community activist with management responsibilities in local and community-based projects in various territories of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. He is also a researcher at DINÂMIA’CET-Iscte, where he teaches in the post-graduation in Collaborative Territories. As a social worker and researcher in urban studies, he crosses his work with culture in order to tell stories in various ways. In 2022 he was the curator of the Interferências exhibition that was held for six months at MAAT, he created the work “6 de Maio” with Vhils. He is also a consultant for the Iminente Festival.
Professionally he has collaborated with the Aga Khan Foundation for the past ten years as a Senior Programme Manager, manager of the urban community development programme “K’cidade” and of Civil Society issues.

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