Fatima Alçada

Artistic director


About Fátima Alçada

After a short passage in teaching, Fátima Alçada collaborated with Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture and it was here that the professional path for the future was defined.
After the end of the European Capital and a post-graduation in Cultural Management of Cities, by Indeg – ISCTE, began a collaboration with Feira Viva, in Santa Maria da Feira, in which was assumed the responsibility of mediation with different audiences and institutions at the Medieval Fair and Imaginarius Festival.
From 2004, moved to Guimarães, where started working with A Oficina, CIPRL, ​​initially as a producer and later as a programming assistant at Centro Cultural Vila Flor. It was also in Guimarães that the existence of the Educational Service became one of the focuses of work, thus creating the Educational Service of Centro Cultural Vila Flor, of which she was the coordinator until 2010.
Between 2010 and 2011, was the general production coordinator of Imaginarius Festival and in July 2011 took over the management and programming of Cine Teatro de Estarreja, where created the Educational Service and a Big Band with local musicians.
In November 2013, accepted the invitation from the Municipality of Ovar to develop a cultural project for the city. In Ovar, was Artistic director of Centro de Arte de Ovar, programming coordinator of Escola de Artes e Ofícios and assumed the artistic direction of FESTA – International Festival and Concertos (In)Comuns.
In March 2019, took on the position of artistic director of Education and Cultural Mediation at A Oficina, in Guimarães and from June 2020 till March 2022 was the artistic director of A Oficina. In May 2022 was invited to be part of the mission group from the candidacy Evora 2027 – European Capital of Culture.

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