Félix Dupin-Meynard

Researcher and consultant in political science (CNRS-CEPEL / Université de Montpellier)


About Félix Dupin-Meynard

Félix Dupin-Meynard (CEPEL-CNRS) is a researcher and consultant in political science. He contributed to several projects for public administrations and non-profit organisations, mainly about cultural policies, cultural practices, values, citizen participation, and democracy. Besides his involvement in the European research project UNCHARTED, he gives several classes or training and is invested in two European cultural networks (Stronger Peripheries, Be SpectACTive!).

Co-author with Emmanuel Négrier, Lluís Bonet, Giada Calvano, Luisella Carnelli, Elettra Zuliani, of Cultural Policies in Europe: a Participatory Turn?


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