Hugo Cruz

Creator, cultural programmer, and researcher


About Hugo Cruz


Hugo Cruz develops his work in artistic creation and participation as a creator, cultural programmer and researcher. His PhD dwelled with “Community Artistic Practices and Civic and Political Participation.” The books “Arte e Comunidade” [Art and Community] and “Arte e Esperança” [Art and Hope] – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – and “Práticas Artísticas, Participação e Política” [Artistic Practices, Participation and Politics], published in Portugal and Brazil, are noteworthy. Researcher at CIIE -UP and CHAIA-UE. He is part of the external evaluation team of the PARTIS Initiative / Art for Change – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and La Caixa Foundation. He is the artistic director of MEXE_Encontro Internacional de Arte e Comunidade [International Meeting of Art and Community]. Consultant, trainer and artistic director in different national and international projects (e.g.: Spain, Brazil, Guinea Bissau)m in municipalities, festivals and foundations (e.g.: Consultant Artistic Program and Participation in the candidacy to the European Capital of Culture Braga’27, Festival de les Arts Comunitàries de Catalunya and “Culture for All” program in several municipalities). He undertakes the artistic direction of several theatre projects in co-construction with local communities, namely in schools, prisons, and social neighbourhoods.



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