Laure Gastal

Cultural coordinator (Melando)


About Laure Gastal


For 12 years, Laure has been working in different organisations that disseminate, infuse, promote and develop the arts in public space. At Melando, they are collectively trying to invent new ways to meet the inhabitants of the villages in which they work on the outskirts of Montpellier. Melando has designed the “Nomad”, an itinerant convoy that settles in the villages to create an atypical and ephemeral meeting place that is brought to life with shows, workshops and the help of the inhabitants themselves.
Coordinator at Les Rencontres des Cultures en Pic Saint-Loup.

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11h10 - 12h00
Lisbon ISCTE – Grande Auditório and Auditório B2.03 - Ferreira de Almeida
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