Luca Ricci

Playwright and a theatre director (Capotrave/Kilowatt)


About Luca Ricci


Luca Ricci is a playwright and a theatre director. He is the artistic director and the founder – with his wife Lucia Franchi – of the theatre company CapoTrave, which is recognized and supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and by the Region of Tuscany. In 2003, in Sansepolcro (Tuscany), he created Kilowatt Festival, and since then he has been its artistic director. In 2010 and 2021 he won the “Ubu Prize”, the most important Italian prize for Theatre, as best curator. Since 2014, together with Giuliana Ciancio, he is the project-manager of Be SpectACTive, a large-scale cooperation project among 19 partners, supported by EU. He teaches in many professional and university courses and has written numerous articles for books and specialized magazines. In 2019, with Lucia Franchi, published the book “The spectator is a visionary” (Editoria & Spettacolo).



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