Marta Martins

Cultural manager (Artemrede)


About Marta Martins


Marta Martins is a cultural manager, with a degree in Law (FDUL), postgraduate degree in Cultural Management in Cities (INDEG-ISCTE) and Master in Cultural Studies (FCH-UCP). Since 2010, she is the Executive Director of Artemrede, a cultural network with 16 years of activity and 18 associates, in which she has performed functions of strategic planning, management and cultural programming, design and coordination of inter-municipal and intersectoral projects, both at European and national level. Between 2005 and 2010 she was Production Manager at Artemrede, and before that, she worked at the Youth Department of the Municipality of Lisbon and collaborated with Quaternaire Portugal and with different cultural associations. As a speaker she has participated in several conferences and seminars in the area of cultural policy and management.

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