Marta Silva

Cultural manager (LARGO)


About Marta Silva

Born in Porto in 1978, Marta Silva graduated in Dance and Education Sciences. She has always worked linked to the area of culture either as a dancer, teacher and producer with various audiences and institutions, in different social contexts. In 2014 she moved to Lisbon. In the last fifteen years she has deepened her work as a cultural manager in a close relationship with social intervention and local development. In 2012, she founded and is President of the cultural and social solidarity cooperative LARGO Residências, based in Intendente (Lisbon), whose work has been recognized by numerous national and European working groups. In 2021, the work of this cooperative received the Cultural Access Award in the area of social access. She has participated as a Jury and in several competitions, highlighting the contest of the Directorate General of Arts / Ministry of Culture, Street Arts and Contemporary Dance (2017/2018) and Arts Without Limits – Partnership Projects (2020).
In 2021, she was elected by the assembly of representatives of Associação Mutualista Montepio Geral.

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Lisbon ISCTE – Grande Auditório and Auditório B2.03 - Ferreira de Almeida
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