Massimo Mancini

Theatre Director


About Massimo Mancini


Massimo Mancini is the general manager of Teatro di Sardegna since January 2015. Teatro di Sardegna is the leading cultural organization in the region producing relevant performances such as Macbettu (best Italian performance Ubu 2017 and many other prizes for the first time in the history of Sardinian theatre!).
Teatro di Sardegna is a partner in 14 international projects like In Situ, Stronger Peripheries, Island Connect, Wall, R-evolution, AI4Future…
Since 1992, Mancini has been working for theatre festivals, and he was a member of IETM network, being a member of IETM board of directors from 2003 to 2009. Thanks to this international dimension, he collaborated to create different European Networks for the EU Culture program (such as JungeHunde e DBM Danse Bassin Méditerranée). He also developed Miniatures(2009-2013), a cooperation project in the Meditteranean area with a final event at Marseille 2013 European Cultural Capital.
Mancini has been the general manager of CRT Milano – the most important centre for theatrical research in Italy – until 2001. The same year he directed the “Milan Summer” festival. In addition, he created Short Formats festival and CRT Danza – a centre for dance promotion, financed by Ministry of Culture. He has been a consultant for Milan Municipality, Department for Young Policies, working also on cooperation projects as BJCEM / GAI (network of Young Italian Artists) and being a member of the artistic commission for Movin’Up project. He has been the artistic director for Cagliari – finalist EU Culture Capital 2019 – providing the city’s cultural environment with an innovative and European dimension. In 2017, he was the artistic director for the candidature of Nuoro as Italian Capital of Culture 2020.

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